Insulac Certified with International Standard

The Insulac was honored APCER compliance with the ISO 22000:2005 certificate. We are the first company in the Azores and the first company in the country of medium / large size of the dairy sector to receive this certificate.

The ISO 22000 is the first of a set of international standards relating to food security and was published in July 2005. This standard establishes the requirements for any company operating in the food chain. The Insulac considers the awarding of this certificate as a “milestone” for the company that operates fourteen years in the dairy market.

It is proof of recognition of the management system of food safety Insulac implemented in the production of cheese and fresh cheese, butter, milk and whey powder. It is a bet on the continuous improvement system that covers all manufacturing processes for our products and activity in general.

The Insulac manifests itself believes that certification will bring benefits, particularly at the level of trust and loyalty, evidence of the organizations commitment in providing products of quality and safe health and value for money and efficiency improvement control systems.